Festival of Nations - 2018
The theme for the 2018 Festival of Nations Exhibits was “Now and Then: Exploring Historical and Contemporary Traditions”. The Rusin Association’s exhibit focused on a fictitious Carpatho-Rusyn man born in 1914 who during his lifetime lived in at least 5 different countries and never moved. Information included how language, religion, work, money etc. changed every time the country changed. We received a lot of complements on our exhibit. The winners of the Voter’s Choice were the Taiwanese. However, it was noted that every single exhibit had votes submitted and there were several exhibits that were close in count.

We couldn’t do this without volunteers. I want to thank the following volunteers: Alexi Memorich, Bobby Gale, Matt Dion, Deb Manzioni, Randy Masica, Tom Sery, Cathy and Joe Amato, Kay Handley, Joan Stewart, Mary Kay Kuzma, Deb Rose, Laura Handley, Annette Dutcher
Nancy Clark, my husband Tom for helping set up and Rich Custer for these pictures.

           Becherov                   Komlosa (Chmelova)                 Stebnik                           Rusyn Immigrants