The purpose of the Association is to sustain, as worthy of preserving and perpetuating in their own right, the distinct nationality, history, language and heritage of the Rusin people and to collect, preserve and disseminate historical, genealogical, linguistic and cultural information about the Rusin people, a nationality that has been, and still often is called by various other names which include, but are not limited to the following:

Carpatho-Russians, Rusyns, Carpatho-Rusyns, Carpatho-Rusins, Rusin-Ukrainians, Carpatho-Ukrainians, Karpato Russi, Podkarpatski Rusini, Podkarpatski Russiani, Ruthenians, Ruthenes, Sub-Carpathian Ruthenians, Transcarpathian Ruthenians, Ugro-Rusins, Uhro-Rusins, Hungarian Rusins, Zakarpatski Rusini and American Russians.

           Becherov                   Komlosa (Chmelova)                 Stebnik                           Rusyn Immigrants