Our Newsletter - Trembita

The Trembita was published by the Rusin Association from 1987 until 2016.

Past issues by topic:

             Becherov                   Komlosa (Chmelova)                  Stebnik                      Rusyn Immigrants
           Becherov                   Komlosa (Chmelova)                 Stebnik                           Rusyn Immigrants     
Carpatho Rusyn Day 2010
Becherov, Slovakia 2003
History of the Rusin Association 2019
Cornucopia Wisconsin 2009
Interview with Paul Robert Magocsi 2017
Nick Holonyak Father of the LED 2009
Rusins in Poland Anniversary of the Florynka Republic 2006
Rusin Birth and Baptism - Customs, Traditions, and. Superstitions 2009
Rusyns of Streater Illinois 2009
Stebnik Slovakia 2012
The Semankos of Minneapolis part 1 2004
The Semankos of Minneapolis part 2 2004